Beyond Hypothermia

Beyond Hypothermia, Sip si 32 doe, She shi 32 du

Genre: Action, Thriller.
Date: 1996
Parts: 3
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A professional hit woman without past, name or recollection of her childhood is hired to kill Mafia leaders in Asia. In Hong Kong, she kills a powerful Korean mobster and his bodyguard is in disgrace with the gang. He promises to chase and eliminate the killer. Meanwhile, the assassin falls in love for a cooker of noodles, but afraid to expose him to her enemies, she avoids encountering him. But the bodyguard presses her partner to betray and set up her in a restaurant. Chased by the whole gang, the assassin needs to fight to survive. Sang Woo Han – Yichin Ching Wan Lau – Long Shek Shirley Wong Chien-lien Wu – Shu Li Han

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