Beautiful Sunday,

Beautiful Sunday,
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller.
Date: 2007
Parts: 2
Language: Tagalog
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Beautiful Sunday is a joltingly dark and visceral action thriller that subverts all emotions and expectations. Amidst fist-fighting action, underworld conspiracies, and an almost punishing narrative, the film presents a world of convoluted, misguided characters in various shades of gray. Park Yong Woo, who recently starred in the crime thriller The World of Silence, again portrays a police officer, but this time he is the one being hunted. Fair-faced Nam Gung Min (A Dirty Carnival) also plays against type as a mild-mannered young man with a shocking secret. In Beautiful Sunday, there are no good guys or bad guys, only impulses and consequences. Park Yong-Woo Namgung Min Min Ji-Hye

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