Banana Spirit

Banana Spirit, Jing ling bian
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 1992
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Chic helps his friend Che, a Taoist ghostbuster, with various assignments. They both owe gambling debts to the nasty mobster Rabid Hsiung , so they’re in desperate need of money, leading them to take on a request from the elderly Taoist master Tang to help him capture the Banana Spirit. On a late-night search, the trio is frightened by a demon as well as awakening the Banana Spirit, Muyung Yu-Yu, who takes the earthly form of a beautiful model and seduces Chic. Chic and the ghost become lovers, and she saves his life when he is shot at by mobsters as well as helping him win a great deal of money at one of Rabid Hsiung’s casinos. Hsiung figures out that Yu-Yu has special powers, which he attempts to use for his own benefit, but Chic kills him before he can realize his plans. Unfortunately, Hsiung rises from the grave as a clownish evil spirit looking for revenge, and Yu-Yu’s allotted time on Earth is quickly running out. Lam Ching-ying and Yip Wing-cho co-star in the lively romp. (source: Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide.) Cast Collin Chou – Che (as Sing Ngai) Ching-Ying Lam – Chen Francis Ng – Chic Richard Ng – Tang Scott Shaw – Dao li Kwong Leung Wong – Rabid Hsiung Wing-Cho Yip – Yeh

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