Genre: Dancing.
Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: When their star singer, Juli, suddenly decides to abandon her career for marriage, her four back-up dancers are at a complete loss. Miu is passionate and serious about dancing, while Yoshika is the most talented, and a natural leader. Tomoe is slightly older than the others, and wants to get married, but Aiko hopes to achieve her own stardom. They expect Juli’s eventual return, but meanwhile their agency assigns them to a young manager, Chano. However, he cannot obtain sufficient work to prevent them from breaking up. But then he comes up with the idea of teaming them with a washed-up rock band called Steel Crazy (another burden on the company), which to everyone’s surprise turns out to work quite well! Aya Hirayama – Miu Mako Ishino Takanori Jinnai Yoshino Kimura Masahiro Komoto Kuroudo Maki – Mayu Saeko as Aiko Hiroko Shimabukuro – Hiro Sonim – Tomoe Kei Tanaka Hiro Tsunoda – Yoshika

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