Au Revoir UFO

Au Revoir UFO, Annyeong UFO

Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 2004
Parts: 5
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Sang-hyon is a bus driver working the late shift in a quiet suburban area of Seoul. An avid vinyl fan with little ambition for much else, Sang-hyon is content to spend his free time at home, DJ?ing mix tapes of old rock songs, which he then plays on his bus. But things begin to change when Kyong-wu , a young blind woman with a broken heart, becomes a passenger on Sang-hyon?s bus. Having moved to the neighborhood to get away from a disastrous relationship, Kyong-wu is determined to make it on her own despite her disability. Sang-hyon steals glances at her from his driver?s seat and after a while, develops a crush on Kyong-wu. But Sang-hyon is too shy to make a move. Even when a chance meeting leads to a friendship between the two, Sang-hyon, out of simple but pure embarrassment, hides behind a false name and identity Cast Eun-ju Lee – Kyeong-woo Beom-su Lee – Sang-hyeon Tae-gyu Bong – Sang-gyu Hie-bong Byeon – Real estate agent Eung-su Kim

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