Art of the Devil

Art of the Devil, Khon len khong

Genre: Horror, Supernatural.
Date: 2004
Parts: 1
Language: Thai
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Mysterious and bizarre murders of a millionaire?s entire family grips the attention of the public. Not a clue is uncovered; not a person can be fingered as the killer. The mysterious and gruesome deaths baffle everyone. A crime reporter goes to investigate the case, which leads him to a beautiful lady. How can he convince others that she is the mistress of the occult, a witch who is skilled in the art of the devil? Cast Arisa Wills – Nan Supakson Chaimongkol – Boom Krongthong Rachatawan – Kamala Tin Settachoke – Prathan Somchai Satuthum – Danai Isara Ochakul – Ruj Nirut Sutchart – Neng Krittayod Thimnate – Bon

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