Art Of Fighting

Art Of Fighting, ??? ??, Ssa-woom-eui Gi-sool, Ssaum-ui gisul, The Art of Fighting

Genre: Action, Comedy.
Date: 2005
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Song Byeong-tae is a timid and weak high school student whose daily routine consists of being beaten by school bullies. Dreaming of a peaceful life free from the beatings, he reads all kinds of books, but every day life is a series of hardships. Then, one day, he meets a strange man, named Oh Pan-su, staying in B, a special room, in Daemyeong reading room. Waiting for the day to leave for the blue sea of Mexico, Pan-su was a legendary master of martial arts while secluding himself from the world with his own art of life. 15 years ago, he was the master of the masters, winning nationally with his legendary ability to fight. Although he seems indifferent to everything, Byeong-tae’s hidden ability stimulates his interest. However, it’s not easy to break the fear of Byeong-tae, who has been beaten continuously. Will Byeong-tae, who lacks practice and experience, be the true master in the world where life itself is a series of fights? What will Pan-su teach to Byeong-tae? (Source: Unknown) Cast Yun-shik Baek – Oh Man-su Yeo-jin Choi – Young-ae Hae-Yeon Gil Eung-su Kim – Hyung-ho Hyun-kyoon Lee – Song Byung-tae (as Hee Jae)

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