Ardor, ??, Milae, Deep Loves

Genre: Mature, Romance.
Date: 2002
Parts: 3
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: During the Christmas holidays that are normally filled with warmth and happiness, Mi-heun receives a distressing message from a woman who bursts into her family and reveals that Mi-heun’s lover is her husband! Mi-heun moves away hoping that in so doing she can get rid of the despair that has overcome her after this shocking revelation, but is haunted by neverending nightmares and painstaking headaches wherever she goes. In-kyu, Mi-heun’s lover is a village doctor and philanderer who spends his pastime jumping from one woman’s bed to the next’s. During the course of his romantic adventures he stumbles into married Mi-heun who at first rejects him, but finally cannot resist his magic spell … Cast Yunjin Kim – Mi-heun Jong-won Lee – In-gyu Seung-Ri Ha – Su-jin Min-kyeong Kim – Young-woo Seong-Yong Kye – Hyo-kyung Byung-ho Son – Rest stop owner’s husband

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