All’s Well Ends Well Too

All’s Well Ends Well Too, ????, Hua tian xi shi
Genre: Comedy.
Date: 1993
Parts: 1
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Chow Tung is a licentious man who was arranged to get married along with his ugly sister Jinx to partners not of their choice, but Chow – being a filial son – goes along with his mother’s plans. The plot thickens when Chow meets the beautiful Snow White and decides to marry her of which Matriarch Chow agrees whole-heartedly. Unknown to them, Snow White’s father schemes a plan and Chow Tung gets married, instead, to Gut. Cast Sam Hui – Chow Tung Sandra Ng – Gut Rosamund Kwan – Snow White Ng Man Tat – Snow White’s father Teresa Mo – Jinx Leslie Cheung

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