All About Love,

All About Love,
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Tagalog
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Compilation of three romantic comedies: 1. Promdi A teen girl is labelled a whore and there’s a guy who is a promdi, but he had a secret crush with her since they were young. Cast: Jason Abalos (Kiko) and Angelica Panganiban (Kikay) 2. Kalesa An obnoxious rich guy falls in love with a poor girl and she can?t accept the idea of them together because she think the guy is too good for her. Cast: Luis Manzano (Wesley) and Anne Curtis (Badong) 3. About Anna The guy is having problems letting go with his wife who passed away and the girl is desperately looking for the guy who made an audio tape expressing his love to someone he lost. Cast: John Lloyd Cruz (Eric) and Bea Alonzo (Casey)

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