About Love,

About Love,
Genre: Romance.
Date: 2005
Parts: 3
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Consisting of three vignettes about cross-cultural love set in three different cities (Tokyo, Taipei, and Shanghai), ‘About Love’ is a film made by three directors with six idols from Japan, Mainland China, and Taiwan. In each vignette, a foreigner and a resident, both in their twenties, try to transgress cultural and language barriers and explore something ‘About Love’. TOKYO Cast: Ito Misaki, Wilson Chen Bo-lin A Taiwanese student in Japan yearns to become a successful digital cartoonist. One day he passes by a heartbroken young graphic artist who possesses a quality that intrigues him… TAIPEI Cast: Kase Ryo, Mavis Fan A newcomer from Japan in Taipei who eagerly hopes for a one-night-stand receives a call from a local girl for help. He speeds to her place only to find that his task is merely to help A-Su assmemble a bookshelf… SHANGHAI Cast: Tsukamoto Takashi, Li Xiaolu A young Japanese student lives on the second floor of a general store in Shanghai. The landlady’s daughter falls in love with him at first sight, but he is still filled with thoughts of his sweetheart in Japan…

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