A Nagai Sanpo

A Nagai Sanpo, A Long Walk, Long Walk, Nagai Sanpo, The Long Walk

Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Matsutaro Yasuda, retired principal of a girls’ high school, has moved from the city to an apartment in a small provincial town. He is alone, after losing his wife to alcohol and becoming estranged from his daughter. But at his new address he has neighbors. In particular 5-year-old Sachi, a little girl with cardboard angel’s wings on her back who clutches the iron fence with her fists and gazes into the distance. She is barefoot and wears a summer dress despite it being winter. Her leg is bruised and scratched. Yasuda tries to speak to Sachi but gets neither words nor even a smile in return. When night falls, he can hear the Sachi’s mother and her boyfriend arguing loudly next door. Yasuda tries to block it all out. He doesn’t want to hear or see anything. Only little Sachi affects him. She also seems to be blocking things out. Eventually they connects and take a long walk during which they meet a young boy named Wataru at a small, desolate train station. Wataru is also lonely. He joins the two on their journey but the trip takes un unexpected turn one day when Sachi begins to open her heart to Yasuda and Wataru. Her cardboard angel wings begin to fly up to a real sky. (Source: Yahoo movies) Cast Ken Ogata – Matsutaro Yasuda Hana Sugiura – Sachi Yamayoko Saki Takaoka – Mayumi Yamayoko Eiji Okuda – Detective Iwai Shota Matsuda – Wataru Tomokazu Ohashi – Koji Mizuguchi

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