A Good Lawyer’s Wife

A Good Lawyer’s Wife, Baramnan gajok

Genre: Romance, Sex.
Date: 2003
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Young and simple housewife Hojung (Moon Sori) takes care of her 7-year-old adopted child and is married to Youngjak (Hwang Jungmin), a busy lawyer who’s hardly home, always drunk and has a young mistress, Yeon, a former model. One day, Hojung encounters a teenage boy living next door who eventually becomes infatuated with her. Curious, then drawn to the teenager’s attention, Hojung had an affair. Circumstances unfold forcing Hojung and Youngjak to take actions that lead to their separation. The family is never the same again. Cast So-ri Moon – Eun, Ho-jeong In-mun Kim – Ju, Chang-geun Yeo-Jong Yun – Hong, Byeong-han Tae-gyu Bong – Shin, Ji-woon Jeong-rim Baek – Kim, Yeon

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