A Dirty Carnival

A Dirty Carnival, Biyeolhan geori

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller.
Date: 2006
Parts: 5
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Byung-du is a 29-year-old career criminal, working for the middle-rank enforcer Sang-chul. Burdened with a terminally ill mother and taking care of younger siblings, Byung-du is feeling financial pressure as a substitute patriarch. When the big boss President Hwang is cornered by a corrupt prosecutor, Byung-du volunteers for a whack job and wins the big man’s trust. However, his real trouble begins when friend Min-ho, an aspiring movie director, asks him to be a consultant for the latter’s debut film. In-jae Heo Yoon Jae-Moon – Sang-chul Ho-jin Jeon – President Hwang Ku Jin – Jong-su In-seong Jo – Byung-du

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