A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth

A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth, Y?ki na gyangu ga chiky? o mawasu

Genre: Comedy, Crime.
Date: 2006
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”Where’s the romanticism?”” Kyono, Yukiko, Naruse and Kuon were complete strangers until one day, when a bank clerk attempted to rob his own bank with them in presence. It should have been simple enough for the man, but these four individuals weren?t just average Joes, they had talent and enough of it to see through his plan. Together they foiled his attempt to scarper with the cash: Kyono with his smooth talking, Yukiko and her biological clock, Naruse with his ability to detect lies and Kuon with his pick-pocketing skills. It soon dawned on Kyono that there?s no romanticism in crime these days, but that it was something to be easily remedied. Soon enough they form a gang and take to robbing banks all over Tokyo; each one a perfect crime, with the police and media left scratching their heads. But their latest robbery has gone sour. After escaping with the loot they?re jumped by a masked gang who steal the money and disappear. Obviously someone had to know what they were up to. Could it be someone within their own ranks? Now they?re placed in a tricky situation: should they disband or carry out one last robbery attempt? If they?re going to do it then they?ll have to tread carefully to succeed and hopefully unmask whoever set them up. Based on Isaka Kotaro’s novel. Koichi Sato – Kyono Kyoka Suzuki – Yukiko Takao Osawa – Naruse Shota Matsuda – Kuon

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