Yumeria Dub

Yumeria Dub, Yumeria, ????

Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, High School, Romance, Violence, Slapstick, Breasts, Action, Adventure, Magical Girl.
Date: 01 2004
Episodes: 12
Language: English

Casts: ADV Films

Synopsis: Tomokazu Mikuri, the main character in the game and anime, turns 16 years old and has led a dull life without girls. On the night of his birthday, he dreams of a strange world in which he sees a young girl in a blue outfit fighting against an unknown enemy. Tomokazu has a strange, unknown power which seems to `power up` this girl, who has fallen into his arms. She uses this `power` to repel enemies, the alien race known as the Feydooms, who are attempting to break through the dream world and take over the real world. Waking up, Tomokazu is amazed at his dream`s realism, thinking of his strange power and the mysterious girl who fought off her enemies. Rolling over, he sees the girl from his dream, Mone, in bed next to him. Soon Tomokazu, his classmate Mizuki Agatsuma, Mone, Neneko, Nanase, and her sister Kuyou enter the dream world Moera to destroy the Feydooms and save the world.

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