Yu Gi Oh! The Movie Pyramid Of Light,

Yu Gi Oh! The Movie Pyramid Of Light,
Date: March 16 2005
Episodes: Unknown
Language: English

Synopsis: http://www.veoh.com/videos/v16629630qfRTp28p The popular anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! makes the jump from television to the big screen with the franchise`s first feature film. Yugi Moto is a boy who, like thousands of others, is a loyal fan of `Duel Monsters,` a card game that`s sweeping the nation. Yugi joins many other players for a Duel Monsters tournament in Battle City, where they make a startling discovery — the `Duel Monsters` cards have supernatural powers that have resurrected Anubia, an evil leader from ancient Egypt. As it happens, one of Yugi`s ancestors was a pharaoh who vanquished Anubia centuries before, and now the young man and his pals must use their skills with the cards to conquer the foe once again.

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