Nanatsuiro Drops

Nanatsuiro Drops, ???????????, ???????? ?????, ????, ????

Genre: Fantasy, High School, Magic, Mahou Shoujo, Shoujo.
Date: 07 2007
Episodes: 12
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: What if, when watching the stars outside the window… What if, when writing in your secret diary at the end if the day… …A mysterious light suddenly falls from the sky… Tsuwabuki Masaharu, or Haru as his friends like to call him, is your normal middle school student. Now in his second year, his friends push him to speak with his classmates whom he has yet to speak to, but this was still difficult for Haru due to his clumsy nature. One afternoon, his life met with a 180° turn during a strange encounter in the hallways of Hoshigaoka School. During that fateful encounter, he accidentally drank a magical potion which makes him transform into a stuffed animal sheep during the night! Haru later learns that in order to return to his original self, he needs to collect “”star droplets”” that fall from the sky. However, being that his innards are now made of cotton, he will need the help of a “”special person.”” Little did he know that the special person was someone from his class. Living a double life between his day-self and his sheep form “”Yuki-chan,”” page one of his story, her story, and the story of nanatsuiro drops begins…

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