My Daddy Long Legs

My Daddy Long Legs, Watashi no ashinaga Ojisan, ??????????

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School.
Date: 01 1990
Episodes: 40
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: From a book by Jean Webster, 1912 A title in Fuji TV & Nippon Animation`s World Masterpiece Theater (meisaku) TV anime series of adaptations of classic children`s books. Book Synopsis: In the prologue, the 17 year old Judy Davis, the oldest girl in the orphanage, is told that she is being given a college scholarship by an anonymous benefactor, because of her brilliance in English at school. At the orphanage she has had to look after the younger children and do housework. The only condition is that she has to write a monthly letter to her nameless benefactor. At college she finds herself in a completely different world. The rest of the book consists of her letters describing her busy new life.

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