Madlax, ??????, Madlax – Cyber Tokyo

Genre: Action, Gunfights, Military, Underworld.
Date: 04 2004
Episodes: 26
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: MADLAX is from the director and character designer of Noir, and shares many similarities. The writer for MADLAX is Yousuke Kuroda, famed writer of sCRYed, Infinite Ryvius and Gungrave. Kajiura is composing and Bee Train is once again animating. The story revolves around two female leads (just like Noir), one older and one younger. The younger character, Margerette Barton is a daughter in an aristocratic family in a peaceful European country. She has no freedom of her own and her only companion is her maid Elenor. It seems that some aircraft accident 12 years ago caused her to lose her memory before then. On the other end of the spectrum we have MADLAX, nameless elite agent with no past who fights in war-torn countries filled with chaos. It`s also mentioned that the war-torn country in particular is located in Asia with jungle enviroments. No one knows MADLAX`s true name or age and she is a true combat specialist in the field. The theme of MADLAX is supposed to be war and how it affects people and the consequence/tragedy of murder, violence and lawlessness. The two characters are supposed to be parallels of lifestyles.

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