Kiss Dum: Engage Planet

Kiss Dum: Engage Planet, ???? -ENGAGE planet-, ??????, ????

Genre: Action, Aliens, Mecha, Military.
Date: 04 2007
Episodes: 26
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: In A.D. 2031, humans are enjoying a prosperous existence until strange life forms called Hardians appear. They suddenly begin to multiply and assault the human population. As a countermeasure, mankind organizes the N.I.D.F. to investigate the Hardians and protect themselves. A fighter pilot, Aiba Shu, begins to become involved in the battle against the lifeforms. Rurika Yuno, one of Earth`s foremost scientists, investigates the Hardians and hears rumors about the “”Book of a Dead Man.”” What is the secret of this tome, and what relation does it have to the Hardians? Now, the fight for mankind`s survival begins.

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