Happy Seven: The TV Manga

Happy Seven: The TV Manga, ??????? ~?·??????~, Happy Seven, ???

Genre: Clubs, Comedy, Fantasy, Middle School, School, Slapstick, Super Power.
Date: 10 2005
Episodes: 13
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Based on the manga by Kawasaki Hiroyuki. Sakogami Amano is a high school girl who goes to the Shitennoji Academy. She is a very unlucky girl. Everything she does backfires on her. One day she has a strange dream, but she doesn’t remember it anymore when she wakes up. The next day she happens to enter a club room, Kaiun Kenkyukai (A society for the study of improvement of one’s fortune). The members are seven girls who have power of Shichifukujin (Seven Fortune Gods). By their advice, she prays to become happy. Then, a monster which haunted her comes out and begins to assault her. At the moment, the one she dreamt last night of comes to help her.

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