Chou Denji Machine Voltes V

Chou Denji Machine Voltes V, ??????? ????V, Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V, Super Electron Machine Voltes V, Ultra Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V, Vultus V

Genre: Mecha, SciFi.
Date: 06 1977
Episodes: 40
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: In the future evil horned aliens from the planet Boazan decide to add the citizens of earth to their empire. The Boazan race are a curious mixture of high scientific achievement and medieval culture in which hornless Boazanians are considered slaves. One aristocratic child was born without horns, but was fitted with fake ones. He became a great scientific genius, and was next in line for the throne of Boazan. The cunning Zambojil, however, found out the truth and the genius became a slave, and Zambojil became emperor. The genius led a rebellion of slaves but had to flee to earth. Knowing that Zambojil would want to enslave earth, he set about working with the Earth defense forces including General Oka and Professor Hamaguchi to create the ultimate weapon: the Chodenji Machine Voltes Five! Taking the name Go Kentaro, the Boazan genius married an earthwoman and had three children, Kenichi, Daihhiro and Hiyoshi. These three, together with General Oka`s daughter, Megumi, and the former rodeo star Mine Ippei would pilot Voltes Five. The second of Tadao Nagahama`s Romance Super Robot Trilogy. (#1: Chou Denji Robo Combattler V, #3: Toushou Daimos)

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