Bomberman Jetters

Bomberman Jetters, ?????? ??????

Genre: Action, Comedy.
Date: 10 2002
Episodes: 52
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Never-ending space. A whole variety of people from many many planets live in this world. Surrounded by a beautiful ocean, Planet Jetter`s capitol Baybaytown is a multi-ethnic group town with immigrants from many countries. Shirobon is one of the members of the Space Police Group which bases here. Shirobon is from “”Planet Bomber””, but in his planet, chosen individuals with kindness and courage have various skills to manipulate “”the Bomb”” and is called “”Bomberman””. Shirobon is still weak and has many things to learn, but he takes after his older brother Mighty`s will of by continuing their Space Police work while also confronting the Space Stealing Group, the Hige-Hige Group lead by Bagura.

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