AIKa R 16: Virgin Mission Dub

AIKa R 16: Virgin Mission Dub, ???·??16: ????·????

Genre: Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Comedy, Pantsu.
Date: April 25 2007
Episodes: 3
Language: English

Casts: Bandai Entertainment

Synopsis: High school student Aika Sumeragi, with her sharp mind and athletic body, has passed the C-class Salvager test and gotten a C-class Salvager license. Despite being a sixteen-year-old teenager now, she is still being treated as a child by Gozo. Having finally gotten a license, Aika started putting up posters offering her Salvager services. At that time her classmate and president of the Treasure Hunting Club, Eri Shinkai, posted a request for her. Aika gladly undertook Eri`s request and boarded Eri`s private cruiser. Onboard she learned about the mysterious girl called Karen who is the reason for the request. That night Aika was assaulted by high school girls and Karen was almost captured. What secret does Karen hold?

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