zatoichi s cane sword series 15
all time kung fu cult classic
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zatoichi s cane sword ep. 15
in this adventure, zatoichi, hitches a ride with an acting troupe on their way to the town of tonda. upon arriving, he discovers the place overrun by yakuza. undaunted by the gangsters or their crooked dice game, zatoichi proceeds to win a bagful of gold coins. in retaliation, the thugs attempt to kill the blind man but are instead slain with a flash of his cane sword.

a retired swordsmith named senzo observes the fight and marvels at the blind man s skill. examining the cane sword, he discovers it to be forged by his old teacher. senzo declares the sword s life to be over as it will surely break when claiming its next victim.

shocked and confused, zatoichi swears off killing forever and leaves the sword with senzo for safe keeping. will our hero kill again or instead face death unarmed and alone?

english subtitles, 1967, color, 93 minutes, (not rated). region 1 coded.

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