thundering mantis
all time kung fu cult classic
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ah chi (leung kar yan) is obsessed with the martial arts; and, more often than not, his kung fu antics get him into trouble. his fight with a local tough guy, who turns out to be a henchman of boss hsia (eddie kao), forces his master to expel him. chi, masterless and working for a fishmonger, meets a crafty kid (wong yat lung), whose uncle chow tung (chien tat lung) is a master of the insane mantis fist. though the crotchety old man refuses to teach chi his technique, chi learns what he can in secret. after yet another battle with hsia s henchman, the battered chi is adopted by chow tung. but when hsia and his lackeys kill both uncle chow and the fishmonger, chi is driven into a cannibalistic rage!

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