story of ricky
all time kung fu cult classic
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hyper-kinetic gore/action film (based on a japanese manga) about ricky, a young man imprisoned for killing some triad thugs after his girlfriend commits suicide while in their capture. during his time in prison, ricky gains the respect of his cellmates as he literally decimates the torturous staff that have been making the prisoners’ lives miserable. he uses a powerful martial art, chi kung, that he learned when he was younger which makes him ultra-strong and nearly impervious to pain. his skills are so good that he carries around five bullets in his chest from the triad incident as souvenirs. he shrugs off having large needles rammed through his hand, being completely covered in cement, being buried underground for seven days, and even having tendons in his arm severed (which he nonchalantly ties off with his teeth in order to get his arm working again). eventually, ricky must face the leaders of the four cellblocks and the evil warden, who has just returned from a vacation with his immature son to find this new problem to be dealt with. this ultra-violent, gory, over-the-top film has become a huge cult hit.

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