my wife is a gangster
all time kung fu cult classic
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this started it all. cha is the the bad-ass supreme of one of the big korean mafia families. cha is infamous for eliminating targets every time. cha is also a woman.
when she learns that her sister has terminal cancer, and her sister s dying wish is for cha to be married and lead a normal, assasination-free life, cha takes her sister s wishes to heart and begins her move toward normalcy. quickly finding herself a suitable mate, she marries and settles down, somehow managing to keep her clouded past from her husband all the while. however, with their best fighter now out of the game, her old mafia family is taking heavy fire from another family that wants to oust them and take over their territory; and cha is essentially forced back into the life part-time, pulling double duty as both assassin and home-maker.
this film was the no. 1 smash hit in korean theaters for over a month straight when it premiered in 2001. give it a watch and find out why.

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