enter the dragon (special edition)
all time kung fu cult classic
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a trend-setting martial arts film with masterful kung fu action by the legendary bruce lee. the opium-smuggling plot is secondary to amazing and violent action scenes. the 25th anniversary edition features additional footage an interview with lees widow; linda lee caldwell; and -bruce lee: in his own words;- a behind-the-scenes documentaryafter making several hong-kong-produced martial arts films lee had become a huge star in asia. -enter the dragon- though filmed in hong kong was lees first movie financed by hollywood money and it was the film that made him an international star. unfortunately he had no time to enjoy the acclaim. he died the same year at the age of 32 under circumstances that remain mysterious. -return of the dragon- completed in 1973 was released after his death. -game of death- the film lee was working on at the time of his death was pieced together using outtakes and released in 1978.

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