drunken tai chi
all time kung fu cult classic
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when angry nobleman wang taos son is truned into a basket case by ching tao (donnie yen – tiger cage) and his brother (yuen hsin yee) to do away with the two. ching escapes the massacre but his brother and grumpy old miser of a father are burnt to death in an almighty inferno caused by the killer. donnie; now homeless wanders the streets looking for scraps to eat and trying his best to stay clear of the mad assassin. when he helps a very peculiar old man; yuen cheung yan in a fight with some street acrobats; the grumpy old taoist and his well-rounded wife introduce donnie to the gentle but deadly art of tai chi. eventually the killer; who is patrolling the area with the aid of a giant wheel; catches up with donnie who uses the softly approach to tackle this most insane foe. acrobatic; innovative genius from the yuen brothers plus a brillant debut performance from donnie yen. a classic martial arts movie for fight fans everywhere.

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