drunken tai chi ii
all time kung fu cult classic
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donnie yen does his best to recreate the emotion not physical appearance of bruce lee. so while he is not a dead ringer in appearance his displays of rage are rather convincing. also considering the quality of his materials he managed to pull off a good production. this story is that chen juns (bruce lee; donnie yen) master fok is trying to gather all the martial artists and create a universal style based on the strengths of each martialart. he does this to give china some fighting power against the foreign invaders of imperialism; japan; russia; italy; britain; france and others. japan being the key antagonist of the movie has an official poison fok; helibent on revenge; chen goes on a campaign of kick ass to drive out the japanese.for the most part donnie had about 4 or 5 actual martial artist himself.

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