death duel of mantis
all time kung fu cult classic
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hsiao hai (ting hwa chung) is a kung fu mad servant of the big boss (lung fei). bullied and abused he finds himself taken under the wing of the boss when he stops some troublemakers. rising in status; hsiao hai begins to learn the boss dreaded chicken fist. hsiao falls in love with a girl shao hua who works at a food stall. shao hua and her father are mantis fist experts and inform hsiao that his boss is not the upstanding man he appears to be. when the final confrontation comes ting hwa chung lets loose his entire acrobatic expertise with graceful finesse and also performs some exquisite chicken and mantis forms. taiwan villainy king lung fei struts his stuff and his chicken fist is second to none in the pecking order. flashy forms mesmerising acrobatics and unparalleled fight action mke this a martial arts mosh-fest

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