bruce lee in green hornet
all time kung fu cult classic
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the bruce lee as kato in green hornet. after bruce lees untimely death in 1973 and the global success of enter the dragon two 90 minute feature films were created to capitalize on lee worldwide stardom. the first of these films the green hornet was released theatrically in 1974. starring bruce lee as kato and van williams as the green hornet the film capiltalized on the existing popularity of the 1960s crime-fighting duo. edited which bruce lees star power in the film has an abundance of spectacular fight scenes. the green hornet has never been available on video or dvd in the united states until now! digitally remastered from a brand new 35mm print in its original 1:1.85 theatrical aspect ratio. the green hornet represents the last of the unreleased bruce lee feature films. included in this special presentation is the documentary short. the black beauty an astonishing look into the design and restoration of the green hornet unique car/battle machine. the original 1974 movie classic. bonus black beauty featurette.

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