bichunmoo-warrior of virtue
all time kung fu cult classic
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made in the tradition of crouching tiger hidden dragon and hero. bichunmoo is an explosive ground breaking box office smash hit. the time was spring 1343 at the end of won dynasty in china. the mongolians; the hans and koryo migrants were in conflict with one another. in the village of sanme-hyon; jinha; the son of wandering koryo people and soli; a daughter between a mongolian general and his concubine; share a brief romance. when soli is taken away; jinha tells her he her he will wait for her. when jinha meets soli again; he finds that she is to be married off to junkwang; the son of a wealthy family. solis stepbrother helps the couple to run off; so they may continue their love. but the enraged junkwang and his men head off on a quest to get his bride-to-be back in his arms.

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