Unstoppable High Kick

Unstoppable High Kick, High Kick!, ???? ???, Geochimeopsi Haikik
Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2006
Episodes: Unknown
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Lee Sun Jae plays the head of the Lee family and a hospital. He is only a “”coward”” in front of his first daughter in-law as she had been providing financial support when the hospital was doing poorly. Shin Ji plays a CM singer who although divorced the second son of the family played by Choi Min Young, she can’t break up with him completely because of their child and as they still some feelings for each other as well. They will have a triangle relationship with Seo Min Jung, Min Young’s fellow teacher. Min Young is a teacher at a high school where both his nephews are studying. Lee Soon Jae – grandfather Lee Na Moon Hee – grandmother Lee Park Hae Mee – 1st daughter-in-law Jung Joon Ha – 1st son Shin Ji – 2nd daughter-in-law Choi Min Yong – 2nd son Kim Hae Seung – (Lee Minho) Jung Il Woo – (Lee Yunho) Seo Min Jung – Shin Ji’s friend Kim Bum – Minho’s friend Hwang Chang Song – Yunho’s rival Seung Hyun – Yunho’s rival Park Min Young – Minho & Yunho’s love interest

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