New Wise Mother

New Wise Mother, Good Wife, ?????, Wise Mother Shin, Modern Housewives

Date: 05 2007
Episodes: 10
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Past – Wise mother, sweet wife, stay-at-home mom. Passive and obedient women were thought to be perfect wives. Present – A wife who earns a lot of money, makes smart money investments, and looks gorgeous. She must be good at housekeeping, raising and educating children. These days, you hear women saying “Gosh, it’s such a tough world out there.” Social pressures are a big burden for women… Come on, let’s stop now. Let’s make one another feel more comfortable. Stop comparing your wife with other wives by saying, “So-so’s wife does this so well, how come you can’t be more like her?” Or else, everybody will eventually explode, leaving everyone unhappy. Let’s relax a little. Why do you want to do everything that others do? Let’s change this rigid society. Stop trying to get something better than others. Stop being so greedy and selfish. Instead, let’s open up and create a better place for everyone.

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