Hello God

Hello God, ????? ???, Annyoung-haseyo Haneunim, How are you, God, Hello! Mr. God

Genre: Drama, Romance.
Date: January 2006
Episodes: 16
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Casts: Choo So Young, Han Ye Rin, Kang Shin Il, Kim Ok Bin, Kim Sung-Soo (Kim Seong-Su), Lee Jong Hyuk, Na Young Hee, Shin Choong Sik, Song Ok Sook, Yoo Gun

Synopsis: The story is about a bright and innocent 27 years old guy (Yoo Gun) with an IQ of 65, who is neglected by society because of his problems, but fights hard to overcome them. Seo Eun-Hye (Kim Ok Bin), a a fumbling swindler is a woman who thinks love is nothing more than sadness and difficulties piling up one after another… until our “”Forrest Gump”” shows up and turns her life upside down.

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