Hanoi Bride

Hanoi Bride, ??? ??/ Ha-no-i Sin-bu, Bride from Hanoi

Date: 09 2005
Episodes: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Hanoi Bride is a very special, two-part K-Drama, filmed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam war. It tells the story of Eun Woo, a Korean doctor who meets and falls in love with Tib, a Vietnamese woman whilst in Vietnam. However, Tib?s sister is opposed to the match, as she was hurt by a Korean man in the past, and so persuades her Tib to break off the relationship. Eun Woo returns to Korea broken hearted, only for his older brother Sok Woo to head off to Vietnam in search of a bride himself. But when he returns with a young woman on his arm, Eun Woo is horrified to discover that it is Tib! * Lee Dong Wook as Park Eun-woo (20) * Kim Ok Bin ??? as L? Th? Vu * Lee Won Jong ??? as Park Sok-woo (30) * Kang Boo Ja ??? as the Mother (62) * Yoo Hye Jung ??? as Song Il-lan (30) * Lee Kwang Ki ??? as Lee Hyun-Soo (34) * Jo Hyang Ki ??? as Yang Mi-Ri * Lee Soon Jae as Il-lan’s father

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