Chain Of Love

Chain Of Love, Oom Ruk, Oum Ruk

Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 2006
Episodes: 14
Language: Thai
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Napat, a beautiful woman, who likes to have things her way was turned down by her father for sending her money because he wanted her to go live in America with him. Napat?s best friend, Anna, who is a model, advised Napat to go into the entertainment business. In Napat?s first magazine shoot, she got the chance to meet ?Chen,? a fast mouth photographer who said that she will never be famous. Although it turns out that she became one of the famous actress in the business, everyone wanted her to work with them. Chen and Napat got to meet each other again in an anniversay party, by the beach, for a famous magazine. Chen was invited to the party as the friend of ?Jasmin? a model that likes to take sexy pictures and was recently gossip to be the girlfriend of Chen. There was a drinking competition which made Napat drunk, and Chen was very dizzy so he went to sleep on Napat?s bed without realizing it. A few weeks after NaPat is pregnant with Chen. Napat cant make her self to get rid of the baby, to save her image in the entertainment business Napat is fighting hard to find someone to play the roll of father to her baby. Markl, who have a big crash on Napat seem to be the best choice. But Anna, NaPat?s bestfriend talk NaPat to marry the real baby?s father, Chen. Napat and Chen agree on getting marry. They both agreed on that if they don’t fall in love with each other before the baby is born, they will not stay together. The nine moths are not as short as they seem. With Mark who will do anything to win Napat?s heart and Jusmin who is leaking news to tabloid, Chen and Napat become closer to the path of raising a child.

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