Bad Housewife

Bad Housewife, ????, Bul-lyang Joo-boo, Mr. Housewife, Bad Wife, House Husband

Date: 03 2005
Episodes: 18
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story is about Su-han, a fatherly man in his mid-thirties, who becomes a full-time home manager after voluntary retirement, while his wife Mi-na becomes the breadwinner who had only concentrated on household chores up until then. The subject of ‘Bad Wife’ is quite ordinary compared to other dramas. There is no amnesia nor is there an innocent child who contracts a fatal disease like other Korean dramas in the same time-slot. The changing roles of a husband and wife are not such an extraordinary or an unusual subject for a TV drama. However, in such a banal setting, the drama succeeds in bringing out a variety of entertaining situations. By changing roles with each other, the married couple comes to face a new environment and, due to the new environment, they face changes through understanding and conflict. The drama realistically describes the process of such change, by providing a few details of some ordinary lives. Son Chang Min as Goo Soo-han Shin Ae Ra as Choi Mi-na Lee Young Yoo as Goo Song-yi Jo Yeon Woo as Ji Sun-woo Yoo Min as Park Yoo-jin Lee Kyung Sil as Lee Kang-ja Kim Sung Kyum as Goo Bon-hwan Yeo Woon Kye as No Jin-ye Kim Ja Ok as Park Ok-ja Kang Jung Hwa as Nam Eun-mi

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