Shimokita Sundays

Shimokita Sundays, ???????

Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 07 2006
Episodes: 9
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This drama portraits the nostalgias of “”the good old days”” and youthful hopes and dreams. Yuika Satonaka is a freshman in university who came to live in Tokyo to continue her studies. Although she had a brand new start before her eyes, she was somehow at a loss. Nothing seemed to interest her and her hopes and dreams were distant. One day at the school orientation, her eyes are glued at a sudden performance of a group of unsuccessful actors, “Shimokita Sundays”. Their unique play made her laugh… something she has forgotten for a long time. Yuika takes a chance to visit Shimokita and goes to see their play only to find how unpopular and how very few audiences they had. But still, their performance touches Yuika’s soul… great enough to make her try out for their audition. * Ueto Aya * Sasaki Kuranosuke * Sada Mayumi * Yamaguchi Sayaka * Ishigaki Yuma * Takeyama Takanori * Ooshima Miyuki * Matsunaga Kyoko * Takabe Ai * Fujii Fumiya * Furuta Arata * Kitamura Soichiro * Fujigaya Taisuke

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