Seikei Bijin

Seikei Bijin, ????, Artificial Beauty

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 04 2002
Episodes: 11
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A woman’s life all depends on her looks. So what happens if she’s born ugly? This story is about a girl, nowhere near attractive, who was born where ugliness runs in the family. This pitiful girl, who has no luck with men, thanks to her “”not so pretty”” looks, turned to her last resort: a face lift. She travels all the way to the Mediterranean to transform into a living beauty. Now she can finally get her hands on love and happiness. After returning to Japan, she starts a glamorous life as a fashion model: something she had always longed for. Still, day after day, she is obsessed with the feeling that her big secret may come to light. The face lift was able to change her face, but not her “”ugly personality.”” She’s an artificial beauty: vulnerable, fragile, and struggling for love. Will she manage to get the love of her life?

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