Koi Wa Tatakai!

Koi Wa Tatakai!, ????!, Love is a Battlefield, Love and Fight, Love & Fight, Love is a Fight

Genre: Romance.
Date: 01 2003
Episodes: 10
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A comedy featuring three single women working hard in a big city and one love counselor who gives them glimpse of their true feelings toward love, marriage, relationship, and ultimate happiness. The game of “love” begins with a gong!! Takamori Hanako (Honjou Manami) is a freelance writer who just got divorced. One night, she becomes hopelessly drunk, and is taken to the police department’s shelter for drunks. There, she meets two other drunks like her: Kamiya Kyoko (Sakai Maki), a lawyer, and Kinoshita Yukari (Hosho Mai), an office worker. Despite differences in age and profession, the three quickly become friends as fellow drunks who had to embrace Christmas Eve in a miserable state. Although working in fashionable urban offices, these women actually are involved in love affairs that are far from being “”cool.”” They are not too happy with their careers, either. The drama shows how, through the course of agonizing over their relationships with men and work, the three women gradually grow tougher. They are joined by Usami Kiriko (Muroi Shigeru), an ethologist and part-time love counselor, to find out what they really, truly feel in the bottom of their hearts. What are the outcomes of their unmarried lives? And where will they find their true happiness?

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