Hito Ni Yasashiku

Hito Ni Yasashiku, ??????, 3???, Hito ni Yasashiku, Basically Nice, Be Nice to People, 3 Peace

Genre: Family.
Date: 01 2002
Episodes: 11
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Zen. Taro. Ken. Although there are differences in their ages, three men were known as the toughest cats in Harajuku Middle School. Now they live together in a house they call “”Peace.”” It may sound like a nice place to live, but in actuality, it is closer to poverty than you can imagine. But even so, they bide by their motto of “”a cheerful, fun, and funky”” life. Suddenly one day, they find a little boy on their doorstep with a letter from his mother that reads, “”Please take care of Akira for a little while.”” The bad part, which they soon find out is that Akira isn’t like them. He’s been raised in a glass house, and is “”soft,”” quiet unlike the 3 of them, which proves to change their lives as they once knew it.

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