Haken No Hinkaku – The Pride of the Temp

Haken No Hinkaku – The Pride of the Temp, ??????, Haken’s Dignity

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 01 2007
Episodes: 10
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Oomae Haruko is a responsible and capable Haken, or Temp Worker, who earns 3,000 yen (about $25.46) an hour and can multi-task office work to the point of being superhuman. She, however, never cracks a smile, never minces her words and leaves the office at 6PM on the dot. And when her three month contract is finished, she disappears for three more months only to return and begin again with a new post. Every encounter with her leaves one feeling awed by her amazing and numerous skills, but also feeling as if she has something painful to hide. Satonaka Kensuke has just been promoted as head of S&F’s newly formed Marketing Division. Saddled with subordinates ranging from post-retirees to inexperienced rookies, Satonaka is struggling to raise his division off the ground and prove himself and his subordinates worthy of the responsibility. Everything changes when Oomae begins her latest contract, introducing her to the rag-tag employees of S&F’s Marketing Division and she finds herself doing more work than she’s ever done for a company before. Will her new post reveal her secret, the reason for her cynical attitude, and renew her ability to connect with others?

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