Dance Drill

Dance Drill, ????, Dandori

Genre: Romance, Sports.
Date: 07 2006
Episodes: 11
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story of this drama is based on a Kanagawa Prefecture senior high school cheerleading team which won the All-US cheerleading contest. The last summer vacation in high school is a time when unforgettable memories are made and everything seems so bright. July 2006. For 18 girls, their unforgettable summer has arrived! At first, the girls in this drama are leading mundane lives, uncertain of their future. What’s more, they feel there’s nothing special about them. But when they discover cheerleading, their world changes completely. Suddenly, their lives are centered around cheerleading. More than fashion, studies, and romance, they are obsessed with cheerleading. Join the girls as they work together towards the same goal and experience the most exciting summer ever! * Eikura Nana as Aikawa Kaname * Katou Rosa as Sueyoshi Futaba * Kokubun Taichi as Ishibashi Watari * Masuda Takahisa as Suzuki Carlos Saburota * Kanno Miho as Takamiya Miyuki * Morita Ayaka as Ikeda Mayumi * Nishihara Aki as Hanagami Sayaka * Toda Keiko as Aikawa Fusae * Yuki Saya as Hamada Kyoko * Kimura Ryou as Jinguuji Tatsurou * Kinami Haruka * Asaka Mayumi

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