Cupid No Itazura

Cupid No Itazura, ??????

Date: 10 2006
Episodes: 11
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A man who’s still a virgin, has a very very rare disease which allows him to only have sex seven times in his life. After he has used up all the seven chances, he will never ever be able to have sex again for the rest of his life… and so far, he has wasted two times on ‘self gratification’. Now he only has five times left, and he wants to choose carefully and save himself for that someone special…but at the same time he desperately wants to lose his virginity… * Kitagawa Hiromi * Takahashi Ryousuke * Akiyama Rina * Ogawa Nana * Okubo Mariko (??????) * Suzuki Hiroki (????) * Takasugi Mizuho * Inada Nao (????) * Honoka (??) * Bokuji Takao (?????) * Yamashita Tetsuo * Kawashima Naomi

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