Warriors Of The Yang Clan

Warriors Of The Yang Clan, ???? (????), Yang Men Hu Jiang, Yang Brothers, Yang Warriors

Date: 2004
Episodes: 36
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The plot is the honest-to-goodness story about the Yang family and their undying loyalty to the country and its useless and selfish emperor. As always, the father, General Yang, is blinded by his loyalty that he is way too strict and wooden with regards to his treatment towards his sons and the mother, Sai Hua, being the only one who stands up for her children. In this serial, the family has seven children, all male. Each son was given their role but the majority of the story revolved around the fourth son, Alec Su, who is the rebel type because he is the one being scolded the most as he has his own ideologies. The story goes on as the family faces the war and one by one, the members faltered. I don’t think that I should tackle much regarding the storyline as I believe that those who have read the real story of the Yangs will have more story knowledge than I.

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