Virtues Of Harmony I

Virtues Of Harmony I, ????, Gai Dai Foon Hei, Jie Da Huan Xi

Genre: Ancient, Comedy, King.
Date: 2001
Episodes: 327
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The first season of Virtues of Harmony is a 327 episode costumed TV drama comedy. The plot goes through the lives and stories of these characters. It is a very family oriented show with a series of highly comedic moments intertwined with light drama. The sitcom is set during the prosperous Ming dynasty and centers around the Gam family. Nancy Sit stars as Gam Nim Tsi, head of the Gam household. Gam Nim Tsi was once a notorious bandit but when the sitcom starts nobody is aware of her past, not even her children (step-children). As the sitcom begins, Gam Nim Tsi is the owner of the most popular restaurant in the village, named ‘Dong Mud Yuen’. Dong Mud Yuen is famous for its noodles which are cooked by Nim Tsi’s stepbrother, Yau Nim Fu (played by Louis Yuen). Only Yau Nim Fu knows Gam Fu Yan’s past as a bandit and how she came into the family. Yau Nim Fu is married to Wan Ying Gei (played by Yvonne Lam). Gam Nim Tsi has three children, who are actually her stepchildren. They are triplets named; Gam Nien (played by Frankie Lam), Gam Yuet (played by Michael Tse), and Gam Yat (played by Joyce Chen). Gam Yuet (Michael) is married to two women, Sek Mei (played by Cutie Mui) and Lam Yuk Lou (played by Bondy Chui). Not long into the sitcom, Gam Yat (Joyce) marries Gou Yee Hong (played by Johnny Tang). Eventually, Gam Nien (Frankie) marries Princess Sum Tien (played by Bernice Liu).

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